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But…I Don’t WANT a Gallery Wall!

You see them everywhere: home & décor magazines, interior design sets, even in waiting rooms and dentist offices. Gallery walls seem to be the most common, and often expected, solution to the dreaded Big White Wall.

But what if that’s not really what you want…? If the idea of a bunch of small, semi-matched frames gives you the sighs, try a few alternatives to the common gallery wall:

  1. One Big Piece. Find one oversized piece of art that you love. Frame it, and let it fill that big space.large piece of artwork
  2. Matchy, Matchy. Take that large piece of art and cut it into equal parts that match identically. Put each piece in an identical frame to create a structured, grid effect. Or find a series of matching prints that do the same.
  3. Patterned Wallpaper. A blank wall is a great opportunity to make a statement with a bold, colourful wallpaper pattern. A single, simple framed piece then becomes the focus.pattern wallpaper
  4. Scenic Wallpaper. Let your wallpaper be the art. Choose high-end landscapes like Zuber or de Gournay if your budget allows, or just find your favourite large pattern and repeat it to fill the space.
  5. scenic wallpaper5. Create a Social Media Wall. Paint your wall a fun colour, then use it for storing and displaying your favourite articles, magazine clippings, photos and
  6. Build magazine racks or floating shelves into your blank wall and turn your collections or keepsakes into your focal point.magazine rack
  7. Be a Minimalist. Forget all of the extras and hang just a single framed item on your wall – in the center or off to the side. Be deliberate about this, though. You want your look to be intentionally understated, not accidental or careless.

Have other non-gallery solutions for the Big White Wall? Let us know!

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